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There Must Be Something in the Water

As the hours wind down, the anticipation of the Newport International Boat Show is at its peak. Praying that summer holds for a few days longer, the city begins to pick up pace with vendors getting their products and materials ready for the big opening Thursday morning.

The city’s love of the boating industry is deep and extensive, hosting events like the prestigious America’s Cup for over 50 years. With just as much military history running through its veins, the city is home to the US Naval War College which has been operating since 1884.

Sunset from Newport Officers' Club - photo credit Walmsley Marine

Sunset from Newport Officers’ Club – photo credit Walmsley Marine

Sailing in Newport is old hat to Rhode Islander Terry Wood. “It [boating] was always a part of my life. We grew up there [Newport]…we lived and breathed boating as kids. My father was a lifelong Newport resident, and as my siblings and I grew up, we bought our own boats and continued loving the ocean.” Wood’s father, Col. Robert F. Wood, was an Air Force pilot who loved the ocean and boating. “My dad’s passions were flying and boating. After he sold the airport in Newport to the state in 1960, boating took over. He was on the water most of his retired life.” According to Wood, “As I got older, the boat show became a way of life. The city was a little busy for my liking, but I just had to go to see what the vendors were displaying.”

Getting to the show early is key as parking can fill quickly. Easton’s beach offers free shuttles from the beach to the show; if you’re looking for parking, that’s the place to be.

Karen Davidson has been involved in the boating industry for decades. The Keelboat Program Manager of US Sailing will be manning the US Sailing/US Powerboating booth this Thursday. “This is my second year working a booth at the show. There is so much to offer in the booths…the best part about the show is that you never know who you’ll see there! It’s great for making connections.”

Who will you see there? Make sure we’re a stop on your list as we partner with Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty in this incredible event!


LifestyleNews September 9, 2016

Boats, Bands and Bustle

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore is muted by the hustle of mid-morning traffic strolling the streets. Tourists and locals alike pour into shops and restaurants with an undisclosed purpose. Iced lattes and weekend deals at boutique shops drive these robots to their destinations.

The Newport International Boat Show multiplies this traffic, flooding the streets and harbor with conversations about a very unique lifestyle and the smell of the sea mixed with cologne and perfume. People travel between exhibitor booths looking, buying, laughing and living; all because of the wide variety of vendors with a presence at the show. Local musician Kari Tougas says, “The traffic during the boat show weekend is astronomical. We usually don’t make any plans during that weekend because it’s difficult to travel on the island. My husband and I usually head into the city later in the day to catch the last hours of the show then head out for a night on the town.”

One Pelham East

Live music at One Pelham East

As the afternoon watch begins, pub doors begin to swing open and outdoor patios fill. The smell of barbecue makes its way inland via the ocean breeze alluring people towards the coast – meshing locals and tourists, boater and non-boaters at the heart of the boat show. Moving towards the sea, the music of the waves on the seawall becomes audible once more.

With so much to see and explore, many plan to attend the show over the course of multiple days. As the sky turns orange and exhibitors begin to close up shop for the evening, the nightlife takes over. Crowds begin swarming in and out of pubs still soaring from the day’s adventures. When asked about the local nightlife, Tougas said, “It’s busy all summer long, but this weekend steals the show. I mean, Newport is super touristy in the summer anyhow, but I think this is a stellar end-of-season boost for the city’s economy.”

Wether you choose one day or many, be sure to stop by our exhibitor booth with Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty and revel in the buzz of the boat show experience with us.

Newport Boat Show


News September 6, 2016

Can’t We All Just Sail Along?

It’s just before dawn and the warm summer rays begin chasing the cool breeze off the ocean. As birds wake their counterparts, boaters are preparing for the day ahead. Vessels begin to multiply in Newport Harbor, arriving from near and far. Bringing more boaters than any other weekend, the International Boat Show creates a buzz in the city of Newport like no other.

Over the years, the Newport International Boat Show has grown exponentially. Avid boater for most of her life, Elaine Casey Lemieux has been attending the boat show regularly now for more than 20 years. “Every year my husband and I go with a list…we are there on a mission to purchase products you can’t always find readily. We get there Friday, early as many serious buyers do, and love being able to take advantage of exclusive discounts found only at the shows.”

The history of boating in the City of Newport is certainly no secret. A bustling seaport since the late 1690s and a safe haven for numerous cultures for centuries, the city has truly transformed into an impressive tourist destination with a rich and comprehensive culture. Upscale shops and dining are peppered throughout this seaside hotspot as well as local flavor and boutique hotels.

Castle Hill Lighthouse

The Castle Hill Lighthouse; operating since 1890.

An interesting facet of the show that’s changed considerably recent years is that exhibitor booths with products and services not solely geared towards boaters are a growing trend. According to Elaine, “Distributors for more and more household items and other services are becoming increasingly prominent. The show has more than doubled in size since I started coming yet it remains well organized and laid out despite this growth.”

With over 600 exhibitors, there’s certainly plenty to see…be sure to sail over to our booth over the weekend to see what we have in store!



CultureLifestyle August 30, 2016

Boats Bringing Bling to the Beach

When you think about Newport, what comes to mind? Vacationers from all over the world coming to eat and shop? Excellent seafood and happening nightlife? Arts and music festivals and a town with history oozing from its pores? And just how do many of the wayfarers arrive? -boats! Who better than the self-proclaimed “Sailing Capital of the World” to host the impressive 46th Annual Newport Boat Show? As Newport Harbor fills with unsurpassed luxury from September 15-17, you’ll be able to experience firsthand what marine adventure is all about.

sailing Newport

Sunset sailing on captivating Newport Harbor.

Local boater Michelle Rawcliffe has become a regular at the show. “The experience is incredible. So many booths ranging from extravagant accessories, attire, parts, services and, of course, boats! From center console (smaller) boats to yachts, this event is amazing because you can actually get to walk right onto the boats for a firsthand view.”

As you walk along the cobblestone walks and wharfs, browse or buy at some exclusive shops on the water. Enjoy local fare in the heart of Newport and stop by to visit our booth as we partner with Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty in this exclusive event!

Newport Boat Show