East Side of Providence, Rhode Island

Providence’s East Side is a collection of the Blackstone, College Hill, Wayland, Fox Point, Hope (Summit), and Mount Hope neighborhoods. For all of the shops, restaurants, galleries, offices and university buildings you will find here, the East Side retains a residential feel. Quiet streets, mature trees, spacious yards, varied architecture and low rooflines imbue this slice of the city with peace and beauty. The most affluent part of the city, the East Side boasts higher property values, lower unemployment and higher income levels than the city as a whole.

Discover the Community

The neighborhoods that make up the East Side are vibrant cultural entities in and of themselves, but they are by no means isolated from one another. From the green walking path on Blackstone Boulevard to the stone and brick sidewalks of College Hill and the frenetic buzz of Thayer Street, the East Side is designed for walking. The Brown and RISD campuses are primarily located here, and they contribute not only to the exquisite architecture on display, but also to the diverse scenes you will find on the streets. From block to block you will find young families in a park, then college students setting up an art installation or maybe a retired couple walking to their favorite bookstore.


The East Side is home to some of Rhode Island’s most pivotal historical sites. Roger Williams first landed on present day Fox Point where he was greeted by Native Americans saying, “What Cheer, Neetop” (Hello, friend), a phrase used around the East Side to this day. The East Side is teeming with architectural gems ranging in style from colonial to contemporary, many of which are on the National Historic Register. Whether you are in the market for a condominium or a single-family home, a recently restored masterpiece or a project you can oversee from start to finish, Providence has a variety of options to choose from. Wherever you end up, you will have easy access to Providence’s many cultural institutions, elite schools, and trusted hospitals.