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Art & Home – September 2016

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Kitchen Culture
They may be less busy at the stove than their ancestors were, but today’s homeowners understand the value of welcoming and functional kitchens. Yes, they’re where we cook, but also where we lounge with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, read the paper while listening to music, respond to emails, or – perhaps most important – catch up with family and friends.


The French Connection
PARIS – This summer, curators at the Louvre had to evacuate some 250,000 priceless artworks from the museum’s cellars for fear they would be damaged in the city’s worst floods in 100 years. Luckily, the waters receded, and as Paris prepares for la rentrée, it brings with it an autumn cultural calendar bursting with new hotels, restaurants, shows and exhibitions.


Round Hill Manor, A Spectacular Connecticut Estate
Perched on the crest of a stunning plateau in Greenwich, Connecticut, Round Hill Manor is widely regarded as one of the greatest estates in its community. Built in 1916, the residence occupies an impressive 17,603 square feet, every inch characterized by distinct, timeless style and exceptional quality.



Carolina Herrera: The Queen of Chic
She made her first appearance on the International Best-Dressed List in 1972 while still living in her native Caracas, Venezuela.


High Style on the High Seas
Not so long ago, the interior design of a superyacht was fairly straightforward: dark panelled walls, plush carpet, fussy drapes and comfy sofas..